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The Kalapa is an empowerment curriculum and developmental pathway for Positive Change Agents. It is comprised of 8 modules, each of which consists of a Core Competency and one or more Best Practices.

The Kalapa feeds into two worldwide movements which we hope to expand and accelerate: the consciousness revolution and the ecological sustainability revolution.

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Who it's for:

The Kalapa is for Positive Change Agents, defined as people with the following commitments:

(1) to leaving the world a better place than they found it; making a difference; having a positive impact;

(2) to their own personal growth and development; lifelong learning and growing;

(3) to living a life filled with meaning and purpose. 

This group of people is also known as Changemakers, Cultural Creatives, and Evolutionaries, among others.

What You'll Learn

Throughout our cycle of 9 Friday calls, you will learn each of the Core Competencies that comprise this Integrated Cross-Training approach for Positive Change Agents, and discover some of the essential Best Practices for taking your impact to the next level!

Scroll down for more information about each module.


There are hundreds of tools out there and it's challenging to know which ones are the highest quality!


You desire more traction, more effectiveness, more reach, and more depth in your efforts.

A System

You want an integrated developmental pathway for Positive Change Agents, time tested, tried and true!


You want to be part of a like-minded community for connections, networking, inspiration, and mutual support.

Session Dates:

Each session is 3 hours: 11a-2p US Pacific Time.

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9 Sessions:

Session 1: Kickoff: Friday, Dec 20, 2019 — Overview of the Kalapa, Intro to the 8-Shields Model, Flight Plan for the Series, Group Norms, Intro to Integral Theory

Session 2: Friday, January 31, 2020 — Personal Practice

Session 3: Friday, March 20 — Nonviolent Communication

Session 4: Friday, May 15 — Lifestyle Design/Visioning & Manifesting

Session 5: Friday, June 19 — Money & Work

Session 6: Friday, July 31 — Nature and The Earth

Session 7: Friday, Sept 18 — Community and Working in Groups

Session 8: Friday, Oct 30 — Grief Work and Ancestral Healing

Session 9: Friday, December 18, 2020 — Integrating our time and next steps

Community-building and Support Calls

Our community-building and support calls give you access to meeting, networking, and creating mutual support with other Positive Change Agents from other parts of the world!

And community-building is something we need!

The dates are below. All times are 11am-1pm, US Pacific Time, (same time as our Session Calls):

Friday, January 10, 2020, Community-building and support call #1

Friday, February, 14, Community-building and support call #2

Friday, April 17, Community-building and support call #3

Friday, May 22, Community-building and support call #4

Friday, July 17, Community-building and support call #5

Friday, August 28, Community-building and support call #6

Friday, October 9, Community-building and support call #7

Friday, November 20, 2020, Community-building and support call #8 (This will be our final call.)

What People Are Saying

Alan has a unique ability to understand and teach some of the most important ideas and practices of sustainability.

Alan has a unique ability to understand and teach some of the most important ideas and practices of sustainability. He is a visionary as well as a grounded, clear and engaging educator as well as walking the talk with real poise and integrity. If you want a powerful set of conceptual and practical tools to make your commitment to a sustainable future effective, I highly recommend his courses.

~ Vicki Robin, Coauthor, Your Money or Your Life, Author, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, Cofounder, New Road Map Foundation, Conversation Cafe – Whidbey Is., WA, USA

You up-leveled the experience for us all!

Alan, your lucid presence (which called us all to greater presence) combined with your command of the concepts and your ease/simplicity in presenting them were not only a pleasure to experience. You up-leveled the center of gravity of the entire conversation/experience for us all. When that happens, I believe the material gets in deeply and really works people over time. They contemplate it more afterwards because it penetrates their inner life. A deep bow to you….I so see and appreciate how you have developed yourself to be the great teacher I beheld. I loved presenting with you as well, AND I learned so much from who you are.

~ Sandra Poulson, Organization Effectiveness Specialist, Environmental Protection Agency; Co-Presenter, Integral Sustainability 101, presented for the EOS Alliance, Seattle, Washington.

Transformative in a way that I could not have foreseen

Working with Alan has been transformative in a way that I could not have foreseen. I began the work to deal with some blocks and issues around money as I start a new social enterprise, but have found that that was a first step in a much deeper journey into understanding myself and how I see myself in the world. Alan is a pleasure to work with and combines structure and direction with empathy and kindness in a way that engages heart and mind to find pathways through professional and personal challenges that build confidence. He delivers all of it with profound listening, warmth and humour. I recommend him unreservedly.

~ Jane Murray, Lawyer, Investor, Nonprofit Founder – London, England

Alan helped me to focus on my goals and find my inner strength and courage to become my greatest version.

Alan is a tremendous resource, he helped me to focus on my goals and find my inner strength and courage to become my greatest version. Alan has a unique ability to convey complex theories and adapt them into everyday practical use; I highly recommend Alan and Cascadia Workshops.

~Kofi Debrah, Consultant, Event Organizer, Co-Founder & Partner of Oko Forests – Accra, Ghana

He knows his stuff backwards and forwards, is creative in synthesizing understandings, and lives with ENORMOUS integrity.

I have very high regard for Alan. My opinion is that he knows his stuff backwards and forwards, is creative in synthesizing understandings, and lives with ENORMOUS integrity. I find him to be very inspiring – and am encouraged that he represents the best of the next generation.

~ Lucy Leu, CNVC Certified Trainer; Former President of the Board, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Author, Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook: A Practical Guide for Individual, Group or Classroom Study – Vancouver, Canada

True for all great teachers.

Alan, I was glad to have found the time (even at the last minute) to sit down and have a conversation with you about your work. You obviously love your work, and that love infuses what you do. In my experience, this is true for all great teachers and unsubstitutable.

~ Laird Schaub, Facilitator and Facilitation Trainer; Executive Secretary, Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC)

If you’re looking to bring your gifts to the world, but you just need a bit (or a lot!) more clarity and focus, I cannot recommend Alan enough.

Going into my last session with Alan, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and stretched thin…I felt like I was treading water and it was exhausting. Afterwards, I felt the most energized and excited about my life and my direction than I have in weeks (probably since my last call with him). 

Alan offers both his authentic presence and sincere empathy, AND his experience and ideas and strategies. I feel SO lucky to be working with him and to have his support while I journey down the path of starting my own business and bringing to the world what I care about most. If you’re looking to bring your gifts to the world, but you just need a bit (or a lot!) more clarity and focus, I cannot recommend Alan enough.

~ Aimee Ryan, Entrepreneur, CNVC Certified Trainer, Facilitator, Mediator, Organizational Consultant, Yoga Teacher – Portland, OR, USA

My experience has been profoundly deep and very practical.

Alan is well studied and well practiced in his work. I probably learned as much from observing and sensing his energy when he interacts and talks with people as from his 6 week course. What an inspiration! I often hold Alan (with his calm and intentional way of being) in my mind when I am getting my creative juices flowing on how I might approach a communication challenge – and it has always helped. I thought I would get something from the course that would help me on a ‘surface level’ but my experience has been profoundly deep and very practical. I am very grateful.

~ Cindi Landreth, Vice-President A1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio; Transition Whatcom, Live Workshop Series Participant

9 Fridays, 1 Year, 8 Modules, 3 Loads of Fun

Every Friday will take place 11am-2pm, US Pacific Time

Once your spot is confirmed we will email you all the details

Session 1: Series Kickoff, Integral Theory and Practice

Friday, Dec 20, 2019

Overview of the Kalapa

Flight Plan for the Series

Establishing our Learning Community

Intro to the Integral Framework

The core competency for this module is meaning - having a way in which the world makes sense.

The Integral Framework is one of our best practices in this module. It is a meta-theory, or a theory of theories. It is a conceptual map which allows for every area of human knowledge and inquiry to see itself along other areas as well as in a larger context.

Integral has been developed primarily by philosopher Ken Wilber who's readers call "The Einstein of Consciousness" because of the deep and far-reaching impact Integral is having and will have in many domains including business, medicine, activism, governance, leadership, and ecology to name a few.

Session 2: Integrated Personal Practice

Friday, January 31, 2020

The core competency for this module is having an integrated personal practice, one in which the elements complement each other in order to help you evolve faster, in a more well-rounded way, as well as meet your personal development goals more easily and effectively.

We'll be leaning on Integral here again, looking at a basic map for personal development and practice.

We'll discuss the various meanings of the word spiritual, dispel some confusing myths, and look at our own commitments and places of resistance in this area.

Session 3: Interpersonal Effectiveness

Friday, March 20, 2020

The core competency here is about healthy relationships, communication skills, empathy, and honesty.

Many great projects and their leaders are ineffective because they haven't learned the basics of getting along well with others, learning the basics of conflict prevention and resolution, and learning how to steer a conversation in the direction of a mutually beneficial outcome, without any sense of giving in or giving up.

One of our best practices in this area is the set of tools known as NVC or Nonviolent Communication.

NVC acquired its name from an affinity with Mahatma Gandhi's social movement of Nonviolence which was based on truth-telling and compassion. NVC is a proven and time-tested process for resolving conflicts, deepening relationships, and creating the quality of connection out of which peoples' needs are more likely to be met mutually.

Session 4: Lifestyle Design / Visioning & Manifesting

Friday, May 15, 2020

The core competency in this area involves Lifestyle Design which also includes the vast and rich area of Visioning & Manifesting.

Lifestyle Design recognizes that if your lifestyle does not support your work in the world you will be less effective in living your purpose and making the difference you want to make. 

The invitation, challenge, and opportunity is to make of your life an art form — craft the elements of a lifestyle in which you thrive and are therefore at your most capable to make a positive difference.

There are many best practices in this area. We'll do an overview of several, and take one or two for a deeper dive, time permitting.

Session 5: Money, Work, and Time

Friday, June 19, 2020

This module comprises the multifaceted and detail-driven worlds of money and time management.

Is it possible to have a relationship with money, work, and time that not only makes sense, and not only is aligned with your higher purpose, but which also provides an engine for you to meet your higher goals?

We have two offerings in this area. 

One is a highly effective best practice around personal finances: a process known as the FI Program, which was detailed in the book Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. (FI stands for Financial Intelligence, Financial Integrity, and Financial Independence).

This tool is specifically geared toward investing consciousness in our relationship with money, and developing a relationship with money that is clear, empowered, non-stressful, and purposeful.

Our other offering grew out of years of delving into business and marketing, and is a 9-step approach for building a life-serving business. 

Many well-meaning entrepreneurs have an adversarial relationship with money, business, and marketing — and understandably so.

We provide a liberating re-frame of these concepts as well as a step-by-step approach to building your business, leveraging the internet, and getting clients. This happens to be the exact system we are following on our business.

Session 6: Nature and the Earth 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Humans have become radically disconnected from nature, the Earth, and the natural systems that sustain us.

How do we live in a way that is less harmful, more balanced, and still joyful?

The core competency in this area is around developing a 1st-name basis relationship with the natural world, becoming once again indigenous to your place, and reintegrating humans into the landscape.

Best practices in this area include Nature Awareness and Skills, Permaculture Design, and the Healing Biotope movement.

Session 7: Community and Working in Groups

Friday, September 18, 2020

To the core competency in this module has to do with the interdependent nature of existence, and with being an excellent team player. It's about community and working well in teams.

Teams and coordinated groups are much more efficient and effective than the same number of individuals working separately.

However, power-dynamics, decision-making, egos, process issues, and misunderstandings can make working in groups quite challenging.

When great projects have terrible meeting process they lose quality people who leave frustrated.

This area is about how to work with groups and build and sustain community in every facet.

Skills in this area range from being able to facilitate Authentic Relating Games to facilitating a meeting to setting up a Restorative Justice System.

Best practices in this area include the 8-Shields Model, Dynamic Facilitation, Integrative Decision-Making, Consensus, Convergent Facilitation, ZEGG Forum, Holacracy, Restorative Circles, and many others!

This session will be an overview of some key modalities in this area as well as their use and application.

Session 8: Grief Work and Ancestral Healing

Friday, October 30, 2020

The core competency in this area involves increasing your capacity for processing grief and healing trauma or unhealthy patterns passed down through your family lineages.

When we have unprocessed grief, we store it in our tissues, and we go through life with a heavy heart and a dark cloud hanging over our head. We are less present to our loved ones, and less able to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

We avoid grief work because it is uncomfortable; and yet, it is such a human thing!

And when we allow ourselves to do the work, we create more space within ourselves for more joy to come in later.

So our capacity for joy is limited by - or supported by - our capacity for grief.

Ancestral healing is not an esoteric theory or practice. It's rooted in the understanding that unhealthy patterns are often passed down through the generations — fear, shame, anger, anxiousness, alcoholism, violence — and at some point somebody says "Enough! The pattern stops here."

When we can prevent the perpetuation of such patterns, we are not only healing ourselves individually, but we are healing our entire lineage.

Best practices in this area include the work of Joanna Macy and many others.

Session 9: Integrating our time, next steps, launching next round

Friday, December 18, 2020

This session gives us an opportunity to review, integrate, celebrate the completion of this cycle together, and clarify next steps.

This session will be both the closure of one cycle and the beginning of another.

About the Presenter

Alan Rafael Seid

I grew up bilingual, bicultural, and binational, taught early on that before I was this or that, I was first a human being and a citizen of the planet.

I began my search for Best Practices for living in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with the planet in 1987.

The Kalapa is the result of over 30 years of living the questions, exploring, studying, integrating, teaching, and doing.

My background is in Integral Sustainability, Nonviolent Communication, Permaculture, Coaching, Lifestyle Design, Facilitation, Mediation, and Intentional Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word Kalapa mean?

Kalapa is a word that comes from the Sanskrit language. It means "bundle" and also was the word used in ancient times for the smallest particle of matter which was thought to be made up of eight inseparable parts.

Where does the Kalapa come from & who created it?

Alan Rafael Seid began a search for Best Practices for living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet in 1987.

The Kalapa is his synthesis of over 30 years of study, research, integration, and life practice.

Do I need to become an expert in all 8 areas?

Heck no!

The premise is that if you develop a basic competence in at least 3 of the 8 areas you will be a much more powerful Change Agent.

And of course learning and growing never end!

What is the relationship between the Kalapa and the 8 Shields Model?

The 8-Shields Model provides the organizing framework — like 8 closet rods in an octo-closet. The particular hooks and garments hanging on the closet rods, and the way they are put together and organized in this course — this is unique to the Kalapa.

The Kalapa is it's own thing, but it wouldn't exist without all the modalities that comprise it, including the 8-Shields Model.

What is My Investment?

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You get:

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  • Access to our community-building and support calls, in order to meet, network, and mastermind with other Positive Change Agents!
  • Access to all recordings and handouts.

We don't turn anyone away for lack of funds!

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